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Discovery Development

If you can’t find it, you can't prove it, then it doesn’t exist. 

Let us find that final piece of the puzzle to make your case stronger.

Subject Location Services For Litigation

We professionally locate people.

Process Service?  

We have a proven history of locating the subject and arranging a time and place for them to be served.

If the subject is hiding to avoid service, we work with the process server to get the subject served.

Are you looking for your client's previous spouse?  

We can locate them as well as verify their residence and place of employment.

Do you need to find that person that used to live near the client but has since moved or gotten married?  

We can locate them for you.

Asset Location

There are many different scenarios where asset location is requested.

Some people hide their assets, properties and other valuables when they are involved in litigation.

How about that vehicle, trailer or boat that was parked there for months or years, but is now missing?

We can locate it for you.  We can also have it recovered if needed.

Each asset investigation is different.  There are different laws in each state.  

Banking laws restrict access to banking information without a judges order.

Witness Location and/or Verification

Are you looking for that person that can make all the difference in your case?  We can locate them for you.

Determining a witness's credibility is crucial before you rely on their testimony.  

We can run a thorough and complete background check on them to assist you in determining their credibility.

Previous Spouse or Deadbeat Parents

We can find your client's previous spouse and then verify their current residence and phone number. 

We can also verify their place of employment for child support or spousal support wage garnishments.

Unfortunately, some parents become deadbeat parents that like to hide assets and properties.  

We can help locate their assets and properties for you.

Tell Us What You Need

Is there a unique situation that you need assistance with?

Let us know how we can help you.