lender services


Charge Off Prevention

The Legend Team can help keep your corporate charge off report to a minimum.

We have a great record when it comes to positive resolution and asset recovery.

If we are hired to locate an asset, we will find it.  If we don't, there is no fee.  

Let us help you look good in your next meeting.

Asset Location and Recovery

Don't let that asset get away from you.  The Legend Team specializes in recovering concealed assets.

Live Updates

As new developments occur in your case, the Legend Team will keep you informed of the current status.

Transport Services Upon Request

Once the asset is secured, we can provide a transporter or work with your preferred transport company to promptly deliver to auction.

If transport services are unavailable to you, we can arrange transport for you.

Any Asset, Any time

We can locate, secure and transport any asset you need recovered.